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We at RARF may not directly provide needed services,
we have partners who care and who are willing to assist the poor & needy.

supporting veterans, kombat kids, and military families...


Our Veterans' protect this country here and abroad but what is not known is when their service ends some may find the transition hard from Soldier to Civilian. 


We help Veterans' with advancing life, financial vouchers, homelessness, permanent housing, job-placement and resume service, nutrition education and overall wellness.

Call Us for individual, peer-to-peer or case management VETs for Veterans Services.


Our Veteran's dependents namely children suffer in silence.  Thousand of children are affected by the deployment of a Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve parent(s).

When a military parent deploys overseas, extracurricular activities become all the more important for keeping kids involved and on track.

You can help support these families by donating today.  Every contribution honors the service of our men and women in uniform deployed overseas by minimizing the sacrifices that their children make back home.

military families today...

are enduring the stresses of multiple deployments; coping with their loved ones’ visible and invisible wounds of wars, and struggling with the grief accompanying the loss of a family member.

RARF has created services designed to help assist the needs of military dependent children with Kombat Kids, VETs for Veterans who need varying services to help the VET transition from a combat zone, into civilian life or into permanent housing and to maintain health & wellness needs that may or may not be service-connected.

Kombat Kids

Children of Wounded Warriors face even greater difficulties along with the challenges of learning to adapt to the physical, mental, and emotional changes in a loved one.

Our Kombat Kids program supports the children of wounded service members and veterans.

Kombat Kids

Provides much-needed support and practical education with a multiphase outreach initiative to help kids through deployments, combat-related injuries, and the death of a loved one.  Connecting, Listening and Talking to a child is critical through their transitional periods.

Educational support for military children is essential.

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Military Moms

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