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Combating Hunger is the Goal!



Food Service Programs:

National School Lunch Program

School Breakfast Program

After-School Program

Backpack Program

Child and Adult Food Program

Summer Food Program

Kombat Kids Program

The SFSP is Food that’s In, When school is Out!  RARF provides nutritious free meals to children who receive free or reduced school lunch meals, during the summer months.   

RARF does this through our agricultural-based Shade Tree nutritional food program initiative.


SFSP under the guidance of USDA Food Nutrition Services is to ensure that free or reduced school lunch children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.  Families who lose financial stability often have a hard time getting enough to eat for their children, and the process for getting food stamps or other government assistance can be arduous so RARF helps to make a difference through this food program service.


Contact us about sponsoring your child or neighborhood childrens next summer meal. 



VETs for Veterans & Kombat Kids


VETs for Veterans with Kombat Kids is a program designed to help school-age children K-12 whose parents are homeless Veterans or in some cases deployed Veterans or disabled Veterans rehabilitating who have returned from combat, or left active military service. 


Our Kombat Kids program provides aid 

to those dependent children who may need support with coping and managing their parents life transition or when a parent returns from combat who may be suffering from an emotional or physical impairment or to those children who are in need of support adjustment.  RARF sponsors these efforts with agricultural and nutritional food programs, as well as with our lifestyle enrichment case management support services called Vets for Veterans.

Get involved or help spread the awareness while changing the life of a Veteran and their dependents.



Hunger Free Community Mentorship Program

Hunger free neighborhoods begin with mentoring people and with community engagement by building relationships that meets a development need, in order to help cultivate the full potential of the mentee, while benefiting the individuals well-being and ultimately paying it forward to improve the community overall with economic redevelopment, economic impact empowerment, farm-to-table services through community gardens and mobile food truck gardens on-wheels, nutritional food value education, employment readiness and health & wellness training & understanding.


Our Mentorship starts with our team of

  • Anchors

  • Hunger Champions

  • Garden Leaders

  • Playground Leaders

  • Community Ambassadors

And our recruits (mentees) we call

  • Boots & Shovels


RARF is building relationships through community-connection, good eats and flowers in the community is how we combat economic strain, food insecurities, health disparities and rebuild lives one individual at a time.





Take the Pledge!  And, become an

Anchor and help us to continue to improve a deserving neighborhood through Sponsorship. 

RARF's sponsorship network is what allows our organization to continue deploying our district staff and program teams into the communities that need us most.  Most mothers as consumers want to purchase goods from companies that give back to their community. 

As a mother myself, we know our loyalty matters and we believe "if you change lives in a positive way" your loyalty mimics our own.  Take the Pledge and become an Anchor to help further our mission.

Building community networks one neighborhood at a time.


RARF and the Aged

Through the children and adult care institutions and family or group day care centers or nursing homes for the provision of nutritious foods RARF contributes to the wellness, healthy growth, and development of young children, and the health and wellness of older senior adults and chronically impaired disabled persons where other state support services sometimes misses the mark. 


Through RARF, more than 10,000 children and 5,000 senior adults receive nutritious meals and snacks each day as part of the support they receive from RARF.

Contact us about sponsoring a K-12 children or a senior adults. 

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

This program is important because several of the kids who come wouldn't normally have a meal prepared for breakfast and lunch. This meal is the only meal that some of the children will receive.


Summer Food Service Program




MeLLo Green

Neighborhood Farmers Market

Community Zone 1

The MeLLo Green Agricultural Playground is a partner in our Community Food Projects through improving health & wellness with fruits & vegetables by creating a space to learn about nutrition and providing a model neighborhood market with mobile services.  The  mobile services include meal service and a mobile farmers market.  This interactive mobile experience illuminates the very real and preventable existence of hunger in America, and encourage us to raise our voices on behalf of the 42.2 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day, and ignite our community's commitment to end hunger once and for all. 


RARF's partnership with Mello Green is improving access to food as part of a comprehensive service, community outreach and food distribution in low income areas and communities in serious need.  While also providing under-served children a way to cultivate an expanded way of life.


The nonprofit services of RARF play an important role in the rural and urban environmental management system.  


RARF's efforts also help with the advancing of Socioeconomic change.



MeLLo Green Partnership

Agricultural Business

​Community Zone 2

Partnerships that Matter!

MeLLo Green is a partner of our Food Insecurity Initiative by extending it's community network to RARF through agriculture outreach and revitalizing community areas for the distressed and the poor.

Our partnership is helping to create 

a Nutritional Ecosystem Services (NES) model.  Mello Green Inc. has a thriving local food system, that is building a stronger community and ensuring greater access to healthy, seasonal & local foods with business and educational services.  Thus, connecting urban or rural economic impact needs, improving community outreach and building on the basic securities urban or rural families need. 

Although, RARF's primary mission started out - to help the impoverished through nutrition - and to create community alliances to expand our nutritional reach - RARF's objectives have become much greater. 

"The more that is highlighted ~ the more it matters.  The more we can reach, the more we can improve."  Words from the Founder 

With the Nutritional Ecosystem Services (NES), RARF hopes to target and address human well-being, healthy food access and both urban revitalization and rural resilience with healthy lifestyle services. 

The non-material benefits any one individual or group of people obtain from our efforts with NES is to eradicate as much hunger as possible and change social and economic disparities or factors.

Roses Are Red Foundation

RARF builds lives while improving and rebuilding communities with good eats.

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