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Combat Zone

Service Support Services

Combat designed to support the Community!

Veterans, Spouses, dependents, or the Local Community

Roses Are Red Foundation has a Combat Services

for those who are in need.

Support Resources

Resources that support veterans to prepare for, secure, and maintain employment.

Financial assistance that is temporary in nature, such as childcare, transportation assistance, or one-time utility or rental payments. Services are intended to

provide financial relief to beneficiaries

who can demonstrate financial need.

Supportive Services to address acute and chronic conditions underlying the veteran’s homeless status. Services include shelter programs, transitional housing (HUD/VASH), temporary housing, rapid

re-housing programs, longer-term financial support for rent, utility payments & essential needs, social programs, meal services and food pantry, assistive technology, and other qualifying resources identified through case management.

Provide information and referrals to additional sources of veteran and veteran family support.

Services, projects and activities that provide longer-term support for veterans and their families to enable stability and promote veteran family integration with the community.

Transportation services for veteran beneficiaries in their local area, county

or region. These services may provide transportation to/from medical, dental, mental health appointments, and transportation in support of basic needs (grocery stores, 24-hour care, community meetings, voting, court appearance, and tax offices).

Services to stabilize or grow a veteran’s 100% veteran-owned business for the purpose of maintaining self-employment. Includes entrepreneurship and small-business training programs no longer than 5 months in duration for veteran entrepreneurs; tools, equipment, and software or other related business products valued under $2,000; referral to small business financial lenders; and other small-business related services. Veteran small business support beneficiaries must be operating the business as a 100% veteran-owned business as verified by the Texas Veterans Commission. Does not include direct financial support of the veteran-owned business, cash, or cash equivalents.


Planning a great community service project doesn’t have to be a ton of work. There are plenty of ways you can improve your community with groups big and small. Here are ten ways!

Food Collection & Distribution

Food Drive is a quarterly function so please donate your favorite food items to help another individual or family.

Seniors Matter

Make one of your bucket list items being of service.

  • Drive seniors to doctor’s appointments

  • Pick up medicine for an elderly neighbor

  • Help elderly neighbors in doing house chores 

  • Organize events or game nights at a senior's home

  • Volunteer your time to walk with seniors or assist them in their daily exercises


Donations for the Elderly are always welcomed!

Community Garden

A community garden is a great way to bond with your community and provide healthy food. Consider making a garden just for your children, so they can learn about the process of gardening. It is a great educational opportunity.  Contact us for assistance and let us help you create a "Shade Tree"

in your neighborhood.

Give New Coats to Kids in Need

Operation Warm Coat program is for local low-income kids K-12 or the underserved and is a great way to serve our community.

This is a wonderful way to strengthen our community ties while helping local children stay warm.  

If you're looking to volunteer for Operation Warm Coat please feel free to reach out!

Interested in providing brand new coats for kids in your community? We would love for you to join us with Operation Warm Coat!

Newsworthy Updates from RARF

We are working on organizing a community newsletter as a fun way to get the word out

and get people involved in our activities in the local neighborhood and community. 

You can start by becoming a Volunteer!

Volunteering is a rewarding experience that brings people of all ages together for a good cause.

Get involved !


Teaching & Mentoring

We are also working on a new project called the "Coaches Backpack"

when you carry a backpack it is filled with useful tools.  

Are you into sports?  Do you spend mentoring others?  Do you have a skill that someone else can learn from?

Do you have a favorite hobby that can be shared for little cost? 

Well their are individuals in need of a coaching, so become a volunteer coach.

Create a space and host a workshop at RARF.

We are always looking for volunteers, who can carry a Coaches Backpack filled with useful tools to aid someone else.

Contact RARF to learn how the Coaches Backpack Program operates.


We would be so lucky to have someone with your individual expertise!


A community cleanup will improve the look of your neighborhood or park and inspire people to keep the space looking great.  Need guidance please feel free to contact us to setup a cleanup.  Help us plant flowers in a community.

Recycling Program

When you recycle, those items can be turned into amazing things, while saving the planet, start today!  Help support our efforts by doing your part.


"Flowers in the Community, Makes a Difference!"

Roses Are Red Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit

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