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RARF is a collection of community & network working together to fulfill a mission for those in need. 

More about our Programs 

our motto "flowers in the community, makes a difference, especially roses!"



Impoverished Services:

RARF judges no one and services ALL, primarily through community and networking means!


Our primary goal as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization is community outreach programs to

whomever is in need or suffering from a change in household structure, a natural disaster, or any unforeseen circumstances.  As well as, under-served rural or urban communities; the poor or indigent; homeless veterans and veteran children, disabled veterans and/or disadvantaged veteran communities, rural or urban children (K-12) and overlooked senior adults - the Aged who need assistance in order to advance, improve, maintain, or simply in need of, 

a better quality of life.  


RARF focuses on servicing individuals or families through engagement activities, clothing-drives, education, food services, health, housing, networking, nutrition, personal growth, training opportunities, and life's wellness.

We also help individuals or families in poverty-stricken rural and destitute urban communities, who live in areas 65% or more economically disadvantaged.


RARF Food Kitchen, we call the "Let's Eat Kitchen" a place where food is offered to the hungry at no cost

We evaluate our resources regularly – food, facility, funding, and volunteers in order to have continued services to

our "dinner guest."  Our commissary services that are fostered as a source of nutrition for the impoverished with our

Let's Eat Kitchen is through our “Plant a Row Projects" where home gardeners designate one or more rows of food

to be donated to the kitchen, as well as other Farmers and organization Donors.


Most Americans do not have to think about the people in society we call the "forgotten" however, I have to express that living an impoverished life means that ones finances and health are not in good shape, and in fact a single impoverished person(s) could die because they can’t support themselves.  And for most Americans, unless it directly affects them or is a personal need  - most Americans can't identify.  


RARF is staffed and operated by Women Veteran.  Simply stated, it is important for RARF staff members to possess a combination of empathy and savvy – being good hearted but not naïve.  Veteran Women are women changing the world through service.  And, the Veteran Women of RARF have set forth what RARF would like to accomplish in our goals and objectives and how we intend to get there (through our strategies and implementation steps). 


The RARF strategic plan is our blueprint that outlines the best way to accomplish our shared vision along with our committed Volunteers.

Youth Outreach:  designed to reach at-risk children and teens (K-12) through education, leadership training and mentoring programs.  Children living in underprivileged or under-served communities in our cities do not always

see a bright future or individual options that will help them advance their lives and create the changes in disparity. 


Inner-City children's evolution can be limited.  Poverty, poor health and nutrition, unemployment, addictions and alcoholism.  RARF seeks to widen children's horizons through a variety of hands-on relationships and building methods like our Boots & Shovels Nutritional Program.

Homeless Veterans/Veterans/Disabled Veterans:  Deploy community leaders & members and volunteers to help our fellow Veterans in their respective community through case management services, and other service projects focusing on the needs of Veterans and supporting the dependent children of Veteran Men and Women who served our country well. 

We also foster a Veteran Children Program with our Kombat Kidz Health, Nutritional and Wellness Program.

RARF is dedicated to building 24/7 partnerships with individuals, businesses, sponsors and other organizations within

our Local, Regional and State communities and service areas and to promote overall health & wellness, self-esteem, peer leadership & involvement, education and nutritional services and to develop skills needed for success in school and life all through nutrition based programs.


RARF promotes individuals and families in order to advance, improve, maintain, or even foster a better quality of life.  

Meal Assistance /  Natural Disaster Nutrition Zoneproviding meal assistance to children, the Aged or families. Proudly serving "OUR" communities.  The food services and nutritional programs are a central focus in ensuring those in need receive healthy and nutritional meals under any circumstances.  RARF meal assistance is available during times of "changes to peace" and "times of conflict" to school-age children, adults, senior citizens (who may be home-bound) and Veterans or their dependents - no matter their circumstances or need.  If RARF is unable to service a specific need our support staff or volunteers will utilize our peer to peer network to resolve individual or family issues.

Nonprofit Service Management:  Specializing in contracting and producing charitable services for the impoverished, safe houses; under-served child care centers, after school programs, and parks & recreation and more. 

Wherever there is a need, we are there to assist!  

Disaster Recovery Assistance / Program Case Management Services:   Assists and facilitate network services to those who have been impacted by an unforeseen situations, natural disaster or the death of an individual and are in need by utilizing our community support services networks and our experience to direct & setup those in need of assistance and as needed provide case management services that range from 30 days up to 12 months based on each case needs. 


RARF's humanitarian aspects of emergencies strategies are preparednessresponse and recovery in order to help lessen the impact of disasters for individuals and families who may have lost everything they own and even loved ones. 


RARF'assist along the road to begin again, even when it is difficult.

What is the reality of hunger?

Did you know that more than 1 in 8 Americans don't have enough to eat?


Is Hunger only a Big City problem?

When many people think about where people might be going hungry, they often envision a city where the disparity between those who have and those who don’t is blatantly evident.

Certainly, food insecurity exists in those cities, but every day we hear about the growing number of challenges that afflict suburban, rural and remote areas of the country.  And alleviating hunger in these areas can be much harder to do than in the cities, because those communities often have fewer opportunities to obtain needed resources and lack a sufficient transportation infrastructure to support food distribution.


relating to or concerned with the interaction of social and economic factors. 


RARF recognizes the impact of Socioeconomics on certain communities throughout the United States.


Roses Are Red Foundation’s services are provided in order to advance, improve, maintain, or simply in need of, 

a better quality of life.  

Some of our services assist individuals or families in caring for and feeding their children, or assisting senior adults to escape poverty and improve their health & wellness.  Or homeless Veterans achieve goals of self-sufficiency.


Roses Are Red Foundation’s services are a small investment in comparison to the cost of ignoring the problem of abuse, a health crisis, homelessness, hunger, a lack in the community for opportunity, poverty, and social inequality in the wealthiest country on earth and the influence it could have on a number of health, financial and wellness issues.

Roses Are Red Foundation receives support from individuals, churches, corporate sponsorships, and other charitable organizations.

Roses Are Red Foundation

operates when needed as a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education in the United States. Our efforts are to become a US affiliate of the International Federation. 

RARF provides shelter, food, financial vouchers, health and mental health services to help families and entire communities get back on their feet.  RARF works with community partners to provide hot meals, snacks and water needs.

RARF is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that targets and serves all of Dallas County and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas areas, Aiken County of South Carolina areas; and the state of Illinois. 

We are committed to National disaster relief support efforts, Military Veteran communities, goods and services donations and impacting the improvement

of low & moderate income area, and rural & urban communities wherever needed throughout the

United States.  Our mission service goals are to expand abroad. 


RARF’s main goal is to alleviate poverty through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target population groups. 


Our service goals are to assist those whenever and wherever we can.


Our operational goals include agricultural outreach, nutritional assistance programs, emergency food programs, health & wellness support, education & mentorship, life skills training, and various other programs that provide opportunities for individual improvement and independent self-sufficiency.  


flowers in the community, makes a difference!

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