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we believe that "flowers in the community, makes a difference, especialy roses, just by planting a seed!"


we can erase it together

Mission Statement


Do unto others, as you would have them Do unto you!

A Word from the Founder

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RARF is a collection of community & network working together to fulfill a mission for those in need.

Roses Are Red Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization

who provides charitable community outreach programs to whoever is in need or suffering from

a change in household structure, a natural disaster, or any unforeseen circumstances.

As well as, under-served rural or urban communities; the poor or indigent;

homeless veterans and veteran children, disabled veterans and/or disadvantaged veteran communities,

rural or urban children (K-12) and overlooked senior adults - the Aged

who need assistance in order to advance, improve, maintain, or simply in need of, 

a better quality of life.  


RARF focuses on servicing individuals or families

through engagement activities, clothing-drives, education, financial vouchers, food services,

health, housing, networking, nutrition, personal growth, training opportunities,

and life's wellness.

We also help individuals or families in poverty-stricken rural and destitute urban communities,

who live in areas 65% or more economically disadvantaged.

Charitable Services is the primary function of the Roses Are Red Foundation,

Nonprofit 501c3 in its entirety.

Roses Are Red Foundation Programs

Plant a Row Project

RARF judges no one and services ALL, primarily through community and networking means!


Our primary goal is to assists individuals who are destitute, indigent, necessitous, needy, poverty-stricken or below poverty-line,i.e. "poor and without means."


RARF Soup Kitchen, Meal Center or Food Kitchen, our commissary we call the 

"Let's Eat Kitchen" a place where food

is offered to the hungry for free. 


RARF evaluates our resources regularly – food, facility, funding, and volunteers in order to have continued services to our "dinner guest." 


Our commissary services are fostered as a source of food for the impoverished with our Let's Eat Kitchen through which we have created a unique program called the RARF  “Plant a Row Project" where home gardeners designate one or more rows of food, to be donated, to the kitchen.

As well as receiving fresh produce from other partnered local Farmers and  other organization Donors.

The Combat Zone Project are support services for Veterans and their dependents.

Make a charitable contribution that not only helps combat food insecurities to those in need and in doing so, 

your donation can help to possibly save a life.


"Every small effort made is creating an even larger impact to the people and communities we serve."

Everyone knows that volunteering is meant to improve and support our community by giving our time and energy.


With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer.


However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community.


Our nonprofit 501c3

program supports advantages for children, the Aged (senior adults) the disabled and Veteran.  As well as Individuals or Families that live in low to moderate income areas. 


RARF programs serve individuals, families, communities and other charitable entities as well as researching and solving the underlying causes of hunger, poverty, homelessness, and various socioeconomic issues that plague our society. 


RARF believes that being of service is a

way of life.  "


"Flowers in the Community, Makes a Difference!"

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We cannot operate

without your support!

RARF welcomes your time, energy

and financial giving. 

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Some of our efforts support individuals, students K-12 , the Aged, Families, Veterans & their Families, the local community; and

other State and National program services.

Roses Are Red Foundation (RARF) is dedicated

to organizing and encouraging,

while promoting and providing means of prevention through Nutrition.


RARF combats Hunger.

RARF provides outreach and services that purpose 

Agricultural development, and Nutritional education 

Health & Wellness services with values

that assist all Impoverished Person(s),

School-Age children, dependent children of

Homeless Veterans, disabled Veterans and Veterans. 

RARF is committed to under-served urban and poor rural communities while providing role models to these communities. 

Our values are integrity, strength, resilience,

management & understanding and respect of equality,

the character of life and the world we live in.

RARF is to help feed as many impoverished person(s)

as poosible!

RARF improve lives of the impoverished;

school-age children K-12,

Homeless Veterans and their dependent Children,

the Aged and, impoverished people of poor rural and under-served urban communities

through charitable nutritional means to improve these communities ways of life 

with our agricultural & nutritional projects,

with nutritional education, mentoring, and any technology services, that foster nutritional value.


Our vision is that through food collaborations,

we assist people to break the cycle of poverty and emerge to a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.

RARF is committed to enhancing

lives by addressing socioeconomic needs through food.


“We believe that flowers in the community makes a difference, especially roses just by planting a seed.”

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Meals prepared with hands that care, to help feed the mind, and the body.

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